Because of the Father’s Spirit.

As I listen to Amanda Cook’s “Great Are You Lord” spontaneous worship song, I remembered something I shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place. Sometimes in life, you forget things. But sometimes, these things should be the things that you remind yourself over and over, so much that they’re engraved in your heart. What I needed to remember was the truth. What God says is the truth and today He reminded me of something I’ve almost forgotten. He reminded me that not only should I open my heart and ears to what He has to say, the truth that He speaks over me, but I also need to listen to what I say to myself. God reminded me that I need to start speaking and declaring truth over myself. The very truth He speaks of me. Sometimes life gets busy, things get tough, and before you know it, you’re exhausted and you start to get frustrated about yourself and how you aren’t capable of doing anything. God reminded me that through the chaos, I need to keep my eyes on Him and see myself as He sees me. I need to speak truth over myself the way He speaks of me. I need to hold on to the fact that His living Spirit lives inside of me, meaning God’s power and strength is in me. Because of the life that I now have in Him, I am more than capable of doing anything, I am empowered by the Spirit of the living God, through the sacrificial love of Christ. His love for me, the Holy Spirit’s guidance in life, the ability to depend on Him as I journey onwards; these are all I’ll ever need.


Glory to God, Forever.

As believers of Christ, as God’s sons and daughters who are enriched with life, there’s nothing that can pull us away from God the Father. Through Christ Jesus, we’ve been redeemed, renewed, and blessed to be called God’s children. We are planted on a foundation that cannot be moved nor shaken by the evil that is in and of the world. We are deeply rooted in Christ as we seek after Christ’s image, the true identity that’s meant for us to strive to become. We can learn to grow and become more like Christ everyday when we continually seek Him in our lives. We are made alive by the One who died for us on the cross. He took our burdens and ended them forever. The chains that seem to try us down have been broken, forever. Christ won for us by overcoming death. We have been given the freedom to stand tall with the strength given to us through Him and Him alone. The power invested in us through the Holy Spirit can move things, make the impossible happen. We will never grow weary and lifeless. Our roots will only grow deeper and deeper as God showers us with His loving grace. We are renewed and made alive. To God be the glory.

Freedom in the Father.

Dear Sons & Daughters, I have freed you.
You no longer live under the power and authority of darkness: of fear, anger, and hatred. You have been set free, like a caged bird that has been set free to fly wherever it wishes to go. I have given you that same freedom so that you may live in Me. The life you now have in Me is a life that is sheltered, covered in the greatest of loves known to mankind. You do not have to hold onto anything belonging to this world. You now have the ability to let go and let Me take things over from you. I will finish what has already been started in you. I am here with you to help you through rough waters. Remember, I am here always. You can now walk freely, knowing that you are completely safe with Me by your side. No one and nothing can protect you the way I can. You are safe in my loving arms. I am your heavenly Father who adores, loves, cherishes, and cares for you. I will help carry the burdens that cause you pain, so come talk to Me about everything and anything. You are not alone in this, I promise. In Me, your life is filled with complete JOY. Through the pains, just know that only I can comfort you with peace that cannot be found elsewhere. Cherish the adventures I have carefully placed in your life, for the journey I have created perfectly fitting for you. Enjoy Me, enjoy the life you now have in Me, and enjoy being who you are in Me, the Child I have made you to be.

I love you, Dearest,
Your heavenly Father.

The Fearless Love.

God sent His beloved Son, Jesus, to earth especially for us.
God sent His beloved Son to give up His life on the cross for us.
God loves us with an everlasting love, the kind of love that overcame the world, and  which daily breaks every single chain that may try to bind us. 
His perfect love casts out all fears. {1 John 4:18}

     As God’s beloved sons and daughters, we no longer have to hold onto anything that’s trying to hold us back from Him. We no longer have to keep looking backwards to the pains in the past since God overlooks all of that. We can fearlessly let go of what ever is hindering us from being able to have the greatest relationship with the Father who adores us. My dear brothers and sisters, we need to learn to let go completely, no matter where we might be in our lives. In every season, no matter the amount of ups and downs, God is always there with us, He is always near. 

When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.” // Isaiah 43:2

My dearly beloved, I know that at times in life things, may be quite difficult for you to handle on your own. The thing is, you are never alone in this walk. The journey you are on is our journey. You may find me in seasons when you feel completely troubled, locked inside a dark room where light cannot enter. Or, you may find me in seasons when joy is in every little area of your life. Remember this dear Child, I am always there with you no matter where you are. Dear Child, I am your life. My Spirit now lives in you. Therefore, I am always right there with you wherever you go. Life is a valuable gift, the very present that I chose to give to you. As you walk from today onward, remember the gift of everyday life. In each new morning, give thanks to Me for the life you have in Me, day and night. As you walk through life from when the sun rises until it sets, remember who you are in Me. I want you to be grateful for this precious gift of life you now hold in you. Dear Child, most importantly, remember how much I love you. You will find it difficult to comprehend the vastness of My love for you, but do not let that confusion hinder you from accepting My love. Let My perfect love envelope you, allowing it to abide in you, so that you may share my love for you to those around you as well. Dear precious one, come to Me daily, talk to Me, walk with Me, and you will experience My love in much greater ways. I love you, Child.