Freedom in the Father.

Dear Sons & Daughters, I have freed you.
You no longer live under the power and authority of darkness: of fear, anger, and hatred. You have been set free, like a caged bird that has been set free to fly wherever it wishes to go. I have given you that same freedom so that you may live in Me. The life you now have in Me is a life that is sheltered, covered in the greatest of loves known to mankind. You do not have to hold onto anything belonging to this world. You now have the ability to let go and let Me take things over from you. I will finish what has already been started in you. I am here with you to help you through rough waters. Remember, I am here always. You can now walk freely, knowing that you are completely safe with Me by your side. No one and nothing can protect you the way I can. You are safe in my loving arms. I am your heavenly Father who adores, loves, cherishes, and cares for you. I will help carry the burdens that cause you pain, so come talk to Me about everything and anything. You are not alone in this, I promise. In Me, your life is filled with complete JOY. Through the pains, just know that only I can comfort you with peace that cannot be found elsewhere. Cherish the adventures I have carefully placed in your life, for the journey I have created perfectly fitting for you. Enjoy Me, enjoy the life you now have in Me, and enjoy being who you are in Me, the Child I have made you to be.

I love you, Dearest,
Your heavenly Father.


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