Glory to God, Forever.

As believers of Christ, as God’s sons and daughters who are enriched with life, there’s nothing that can pull us away from God the Father. Through Christ Jesus, we’ve been redeemed, renewed, and blessed to be called God’s children. We are planted on a foundation that cannot be moved nor shaken by the evil that is in and of the world. We are deeply rooted in Christ as we seek after Christ’s image, the true identity that’s meant for us to strive to become. We can learn to grow and become more like Christ everyday when we continually seek Him in our lives. We are made alive by the One who died for us on the cross. He took our burdens and ended them forever. The chains that seem to try us down have been broken, forever. Christ won for us by overcoming death. We have been given the freedom to stand tall with the strength given to us through Him and Him alone. The power invested in us through the Holy Spirit can move things, make the impossible happen. We will never grow weary and lifeless. Our roots will only grow deeper and deeper as God showers us with His loving grace. We are renewed and made alive. To God be the glory.


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