Because of the Father’s Spirit.

As I listen to Amanda Cook’s “Great Are You Lord” spontaneous worship song, I remembered something I shouldn’t have forgotten in the first place. Sometimes in life, you forget things. But sometimes, these things should be the things that you remind yourself over and over, so much that they’re engraved in your heart. What I needed to remember was the truth. What God says is the truth and today He reminded me of something I’ve almost forgotten. He reminded me that not only should I open my heart and ears to what He has to say, the truth that He speaks over me, but I also need to listen to what I say to myself. God reminded me that I need to start speaking and declaring truth over myself. The very truth He speaks of me. Sometimes life gets busy, things get tough, and before you know it, you’re exhausted and you start to get frustrated about yourself and how you aren’t capable of doing anything. God reminded me that through the chaos, I need to keep my eyes on Him and see myself as He sees me. I need to speak truth over myself the way He speaks of me. I need to hold on to the fact that His living Spirit lives inside of me, meaning God’s power and strength is in me. Because of the life that I now have in Him, I am more than capable of doing anything, I am empowered by the Spirit of the living God, through the sacrificial love of Christ. His love for me, the Holy Spirit’s guidance in life, the ability to depend on Him as I journey onwards; these are all I’ll ever need.


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